New Toy’s!

30 09 2008

We are so excited to be the first to let you know about a HUGE new project we’ve been working on – one that we couldn’t have done without you!!  

Ever since we launched puffles and t-shirts in the Club Penguin shop, there have been a ton of  you asking for more Club Penguin toys. You’ve also been asking how to get them in a store near you and not have to order them online. 
Well, we’ve been listening, and based on your great feedback and ideas we’ve been working hard to make toys that we hope you’ll love.

Starting October 24, all new Club Penguin toys will be available at Toys R Us, Disney Stores, and of course the Club Penguin shop online.


Go to for a special glimpse of what’s to come. Check the page often for updates!

Pizza parlor update!

29 09 2008

The pizza parlor is being updated! They put it on the updates on one server took it off! So this is a sneak peek preview of the new outside look.

Waddle on

29 09 2008

lol this is from my friends penguin and Big Reds His Buddy.big-red

Club Penguin Fall Fair 2008 Cheats + New Pin

29 09 2008

Club Penguin Fall Fair 2008 is finally here! I am sure it is going to be the best party of the year! There are plenty if free items but you need to use Fall Fair tickets to buy them! You can get the tickets by playing the six new games around Club Penguin! Here are the cheats :

Feathered Tiara – 1200 Tickets

Yellow Ballon Pin – !000 Tickets

Lollipop Candy – 1000 Tickets

Giant Green Sunglasses – 1000 Tickets

Next Prizes Are For Members Only!

Teddy Bear – 2000 Tickets

Giant Yellow Sunglasses – 1000 Tickets

Candy Apple – 800 Tickets

Here are some pictures of Members area :

Arcade Circle

Balloon Pop Game

Puffle Soaker Game

Here is the New Pin :

Go to the Beach.

Go to the Light House.

Click on the Lollipop Pin on the wall!

Beta Hat And Party Hats

29 09 2008













A Beta

29 09 2008

Beta Party

29 09 2008

Fano’s Penguin

29 09 2008

lol See

Beta Hats

29 09 2008

Here Is A Beta Hes Banned Forever Though

Walk On Pathways Glitch

28 09 2008

Click A Pathway You Want To Stand On Then Quikly Click Your Mail And Then After 5 Seconds Close Your Mail And You Will Be On A Pathway.

furniture cloning cheat

27 09 2008

First you look at something you only have 1 of then remember where the space is close the furniture inventory and then click it again and quickly click the space the item was and you will be able to have heaps of that item.

Fall Fair Ticket Glitch

27 09 2008

Go to Grab & Spin then spin it intill you run out of spin’s now press Tab intill its over End Game and hit enter and hold when you want to you can press Quit and you will have more tickets then it said.

Fall Fair

27 09 2008

Hello Penguins!

Fall Fair is finally here! Hopefully you’re loving the decorations and games, and getting really creative by putting on circus acts with your friends. The party will be here until October 5th, so you don’t have to rush to get all the prizes.


25 09 2008

Hello Penguins!

We’re hearing from so many of you that you can hardly wait for a new mission to come out.  It’s too early to give away many details, but I can show you this:missionsketch.jpg

Hope you enjoy!

Play Club Penguin

5 06 2009

if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget(‘097f6ec0-0e22-4b76-93b3-2875d972b3b7’);Get the Play Club Penguin widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox!

36 Free Sure-Fire Club Penguin Unlock Codes!!

23 12 2008

Wow!! This is great!! For those who want to unlock the rare blue book, I found lots of codes for it!! : )


Here are the codes for “The Ultimate OFFICIAL Guide to Club Penguin” book!! : D


Page 9- Sometimes

Page 35- Misses

Page 38- Scavenger

Page 40- Examples

Page 62- Picture

Page 63- How

Page 64- Fishing

Page 65- Storage

Page 71- Seats

Page 71- Musical

Page 73- Search

Page 75- Tossing

Page 77- Buying

Page 101- Donated

Page 117- Jerseys

Page 118- Squads

Page 140- Breeze

Page 141- Combined

Page 143- Secret

Page 154- Arena

Page 155- Queen

Page 156- Small

Page 169- Start

Page 171- Annual

Page 175- Crown

Page 176- Item

Page 179- Penguins

Page 182- Actions


Also, here are the codes for the “Club Penguin, Stowaway!” book!! : D


Page 6- Mysterious

Page 7- Rockhopper

Page 21- Migrator

Page 25- Yarr

Page 40- Waterfall

Page 52- Deck

Page 80- Penguin

Page 177- Puffle


Here is a step-by-step guide how to get a free blue book to read on Club Penguin, as well as get lots of coins!!

2 10 2008

Who can guess what the new catalog will have?

29 09 2008

What happened do to BillyBob?


29 09 2008

I found a new glitch! Don’t copy without linking back and telling that I found it!
Random room!

1.Ok, to do this glitch first sign in and go to the select a server page.

2. Click the cp screen then click tab until A yellow rectangle is around the server you want to go on.

3. Click enter! A message telling you to provide your club penguin name to enter club penguin will appear.

3. Right when it opens up click okay. You will be in a random white room. If you click ” edit penguin ” Your name will be undefined with a loading sign in the middle!

Waddle on!